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Old 10-04-2011, 07:50 PM
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Ok so I have a lvl 6 royal dragon from store and I didn't even had to use my code, and right now honestly I find it kinda bad for 30 units.Right now having dwarf rifleman seems like a better idea than dragon because he is simply TOO weak in defense. I saw 2 lvl 1 cavaliers formations with 140 damage damaging my dragon quite decent and that was 140 damage units. What if it was 6-7 formations lvl 7-8 instead?my dragon would have died in a matter of seconds. Right now the dragon's

What I suggest is an overall improvement for the royal dragon. When he levels he only gains 50 or 100 hp which is basically nothing. Also another issue related to dragon leveling is the fact his dragon fire skill doesn't adds kill and his aoe attack counts as 1 kill even if 4-5 units died. What I suggest for a dragon is an overall defense improvement. I checked his defense and he's horrible. his big 280 def comes from 255 fire defense and rest being melee and range def. I know he's not supposed to be overpowered but he isn't supposed to be weak neither
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