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Old 10-04-2011, 02:34 PM
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An update on the acceleration issue:

So far all the attemps of supposedly eliminating the hardware acceleration (which I think I did) still give no results.

I found out the program that controls the mouse functions (which remember had little impact on performance cause doesn't matter if it's on or off, the bug is still there) has an independent mouse acceleration. It was disabled because I disabled it for other games, but I tried to activate it and set it in very high values just to see if it had any impact on the performance. 100% the same. The fact that the mouse moves faster or slower, or have more or less acceleration has 0 impact on the performance.

There is a concrete speed of my hand moving it that completely freezes the screen (it goes to 1fps). If I move it below that, it gets the slower the better, but still lowers fps considerably.

Well, that's pretty much everything I can do for now, I'll wait for some answers from you guys. Thank you for your fast attention and your interest in my problem, but on the other hand I reassert that the state of the release is shameful, I've run into a thousand bugs in two days, and I feel like I'm beta testing your game and loosing the whole afternoon to be able only to "play". The whole in-game chat, if you monitor it, 4 of every 5 conversations going on are people complaining about bugs, or talking about them if not complaining.

I trust your interest and sacrifice, and will stay playing and helping you to track and eliminate bugs like a beta tester, but you're going to need a crazy amount of work to fix this whole game before too many people buys it in this state and start posting in the metascore or review sites.