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Old 05-03-2008, 10:24 AM
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frankein_fish is someone to look uptofrankein_fish is someone to look upto

Im back, hurray hurray
Well anyway i agree whit u neot the sellers are crazy down there.
But the worst thing down there was my trip down to luxor from the hotel at hurghada.
All the busses haft to go in a convoy with police escort since the attack in '96?. But i would rather be subjekt to a terror attack then sitting on one of those busses. Since the bus drivers think that as long as there isnt any traffic from the other diriction the other file is unused right? so half the convoy sihft to the other file, veeery smart i think u can imagine what happends if they get meeting.
Thats the reason the bus accident near Cairo where 6 people where killed yesterday!!!

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