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Old 10-04-2011, 12:15 PM
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ok i have a second problem (for me) with human. yesterday a player orc agress me in pvp. He deco while we are loading. I was blocked in a loop. 1) Message of battle of flee then go into a map not generated (triangle and void space). Then i deco to destroy this loop but when i reco my army was become 2x.

Right now i have the same probleme (invisible peasant -> deco/reco -> army x2)

edit : Sorry it's not invisible peasant. A group of paysant go to the top of the map (north) and stay there until i give them order. But when i go to online map and return to my homeland this group go again on the top of the map... stubborn.

Next i have 2 question : The wall bug will be remove or just stop? My brother have a second layer of stone wall building on the two last layer (palisade and first stone wall). Hole of ressource, mega defence .

Second question of feature : boat. Why boat? there is not any sea so cross. I can't find a reason of take boat.

Thx for all of your work and daily patch. Sleep a little XD.

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