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Old 10-03-2011, 05:48 PM
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Got a bit of an issue with one of my war lodges (and one of my hunter's lodeges to) in my Elven City in Bolfores'l , basically every time it builds a unit several of the units coming out walk straight through the outside wall whilst being created, if the gates arent closed those outside will immediately begin walking back round to the outergate to get back in and join the rest if it is closedthey remain stuck in the wall and you cant even see them without requesting the visible units to move to a location right next to them (which whilst wall closed only the ones outside do)


this isnt the only issue also my Hunter's Lodge output's units into the rocks beside them, then they walk out of the rocks, but usually one or two get stuck in the rock and cant leave usually with their little heads sticking out on the left side of the rock where they get stuck, not got any to show you in pic below but it does show rocks and where quit clearly but definitely happens with Mounted Ranger's