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Old 10-03-2011, 02:37 PM
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Default [Proposal] Politics.

Simple really, i cant say i've mapped it out like the guy who suggested a moral system, but its been on my mind for awhile.

Obiously it would be nice if people got a kind of goal, that naturally player created events occure, wars and whatnot.

for basis, i would presume that npc cities can be conquered and controlled. so persay allow people to claim titles such as proclaimed King (human)/ruler/warlord (orc)/Elder (elf).
with benifits ofcourse. perhaps taxes or any kind of reconisition. with People swearing alligence to said king which benifits both parties in some way.

I cant say i've got any clear suggestion how politics would work out. but it would be nice to give indivudal and alliances goals and meaning, and ofcourse territory controle. and also perhaps War.

Persay perhaps the ruler can declare war on a adjucant region. and everyone who "partakes" in this war will in some way benifit bonuses if they fight in that region.

Really am just throwing out ideas here, but it would be nice to give people a reason to fight, not just fight for the sake of it (thought that suits the orcs <.< my excuse is to toughen up my lost breathren).

Anyone else got any suggestions on how such can be implemented?
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