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Old 10-03-2011, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Xanderxavier View Post
yeah offline not working for me atall in my elven city either, not since release so yeah, FIX IT., also white please no hippies your not making it better, last thing someone miffed off(jesus your forums auto-block words that arent remotely swearwords) wants to hear is some stuck up hippy fan boy telling them to calm down, as though what is important to them doesnt matter cos someone random doesnt think so, if they were annoyed before they'll sure as hell be miffed afterwards.

And yes this is a major feature which invalidates allot of the whole point of online, so does indeed need to be fixed, though personally this is annoying but what really miffs me off is the ruddy bolt thrower's randomly firing every time you re-load your city (like during mission or startup) until you disable em)
Heh. Ofcourse its annoying as hell, it's a major bug thats ruining the enjoyment of gameplay, but theres plenty of those out there. what i intended to refer is that personally when you get riled up and ****ed, its best to take one step back and take a deep breath, as anger dosnt exactly get you anywhere, aside from a smashed monitor if your unlucky (had a buddy who did that.).

PS: for your notice, am not a hippy