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Old 10-03-2011, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by AcAsHell View Post
Ok so here's my problem.
ehm, i installed DoF + net framework + windows installer 4.5 + run as admin, but nothing helps everytime i get this screen
Its on German: "DoFUpdater matched an issue and have to be closed."

Can someone please help me?
My system is windows xp, german language, i bought the game at
Do you get it as soon as you start the game from the desktop?

Also, this:

Originally Posted by Tyler Dodge View Post

This is probably caused by something other than needing to install .net framework, otherwise you would not have been able to enter your key. Anyway, I will work on diagnosing your issue all I need is a bit more information. I need to know which version of windows you have, the language that you use for windows, and a screenshot of the crash. I cannot push an updater update through the system because your updater does not get to the point where it could update it, but if need be. I can make a hotfix patcher for you.


Probably tomorrow I am going to push an update that will expand some of the logging for the updater. I will send you a pm, or an email whichever you prefer when the update is live. Then we can work on further diagnosing the issue.

Sorry about the issues, and we should be able to diagnose and solve the problems in the next few days
I got it from a different thread. Some people are having problems starting the game, one of the people from the DoF programmer team is going to be looking into it today, and should have a fix for it soon. Maybe that'll help you.

Edit: Thanks for the sticky ^_^ I'll try and keep it updated!

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