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Old 10-03-2011, 04:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Oratory View Post
Last night, i got DCed, i think it was just as i got a pvp game up, anyway, thats not the real problem about it.
The thing is, that every time i try to connect now, is that i get this error "raknet peer failed to start SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE" been like this for about 16 hours, (only tried once yesterday before i went to bed, and once now, before reporting it)

I dont really think my systemspeccs will matter here, and i might have put the post on the wrong place, would love to get a fix soon so i can get back to playing.
Hey, I think the Raknet network client process might've left running on the background, or you might have some other network application running that happens to utilize the same port. Maybe another game that uses Raknet? Have you tried restarting your computer and/or closing some other applications that utilize a network connection?

Hope this helps!