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Old 10-02-2011, 01:47 PM
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Well and just as we tried
I get another Bug
This time pretty easy to see the reason

I got attacked while Searching for an Enemy

This has Resultet in the following events

I got forced into screen of Fight or Pay Off
However as the Search Window was still Up I could not click on anything

Thanks to that I could look at the counter running down till it automaticly payed the enemy off
after that I got stuck on World Map still searching for enemys ....

Log and 2 Screenshots are attached

Goodness Graze I am really ****ed right now .....
on top we are all still waiting for preorder bonus
and for an update which was due yesterday .....

not funny
not funny at all

for the Protocoll
I am pretty annoyed right now .........

If you ask me
the Trigger to stop the Search is not Working right at all

It should stop searching when
1. Someone has been Found (One of two Triggers Working
2. Nobody has been found (Second of two Triggers Working
3. Timer Expired (dont know if this even exists
4. You get Attacked (should exist at least I hope so but its not working
5. You Press Stop Button (does not exist for sure

________________ Log1 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

well then
I.ll look what this ****ing bug has paid off to the other guy
needless to say I am ****ed that my losses to Bugs are much higher than my losses to all enemys together I had so far .....

after that I.ll most likely be ****ed and close the game
hopefully when I log in tomorrow there will be at least pre order bonus available

since I am not too interestet in playing any more pvp with the bugged system .....
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