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Old 10-02-2011, 12:33 PM
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I am curious how will this work. If I buy the game from Gamersgate then I have the game install kit saved on their servers and whenever I log in to gamersgate, I can download it, but how this works from site ?

Edit: So in the Terms and conditions, ARTICLE 3 : ORDER, they say "In the case of an order of software that can be downloaded, you can access your product by clicking on the download link present either directly on the page of accepted payment, or subsequently on the confirmation e-mail. You will then automatically have a period of 21 days during which you can download your product at your convenience. At the end of those 21 days, the download is no longer available; you must then contact You can choose to subscribe to the download extension for one year, which entitles you to download a new copy of your software products at any time and as many times as necessary." Should I understand that the game is available for download only for the 21 days period and if I let's say re install windows, then I have to pay a fee to re-download the game ? For me it is important as I may change the PC that I use in a couple of months or even I could re install Windows, it is newer known.

Edit2: Oh h..., at the and I preordered the game from Gamersgate, even if it will be available only at the 7th of October.

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