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Old 10-02-2011, 11:04 AM
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Theres the log and my username is "White935"

I only have a single city. Orc (swamp) called "Skraag" (city of orcs).

How to replicate: (it is consistent, and occures without fail)

Enter World map: Controle One of the armies. (i use the one with the hero).

Go into PVE (appears to happend with pvp too) (zoom button) and i fight and loot a bit, training my troops y'know. in the rolling plains at the moment.

then i end the combat, returning to the world map. then return to the village view and the great hut will have ceased to function.

About your theory about turning into a gaia building (natural world building) is what i suspected aswell. due to the colors of the letters and behaviour of it.

Other bugs which is noticeable from it:

Palsiades being rebuilt inside palsiades gates whenever you log in.

Also You can see that your unable to build mounted units ( the unit just disappears once it enters the warg den, but dosnt begin construction of said mounted subtype). aka they seem to lose their way inside the building <.<

Local issue: Orcs labourers insist on not mining stone no matter what, and must be restasked whenever you log in.

Edit: By the way Could you Devs confirm that am unable to build "Stone Walls" or aka The Next upgrade after palisades. the button just disappeared from my great hut after i bought the Upgrade From the temple.

And now the upgrade citadel buttons back.. seems like it has lunch hours i didnt know about

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