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Old 10-02-2011, 09:42 AM
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And for Heavens sake
add a Button to Stop the Searching for Enemys !!!!

It gets stuck and you cant do anything since theres no option to stop

since it neither finds one nor gets the none found result
it just searches forever

you cant do anything but tab out of the game and crash the process !!!!

Pls just add some Button to that
or make an max limit which will force stop the search

My Stats so far
16 tries on doing a Battle
2 times attacked

of that
2 times Battles Won
1 times Battle out of Sync after half of enemy was eliminatet while I did not lose a single squad
4 times out of Sync Error about half minute after battle startet
3 times battle closed before battle even loaded
7 times I ended up crashing the process as it searched forever and could not be stopped
1 time I payed out since I only had Peasants as the Army which got attacked was at power of 30 .....

I am sure you notice
I had TWO Battles out of EIGHTEEN trys

I know its difficult to do Networking Issues
but as this wont be fixed soon
pls at lease give some workarounds

Greetz Sun
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