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Old 10-01-2011, 10:08 PM
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GPS51 is someone to look uptoGPS51 is someone to look upto

Well I just fought 10 elven mounted GM's at lvl 7 all. Fully upgraded from their HC as well. I had 2 swords men (lvl5)/1 macemen lvl 5/1 ogre lvl 10/1 dwarven riflemen unit lvl 7/ and 1 archer unit lvl 3...not surprisingly he owned me. I know I had no spears in my army BUT his army strength shouldn't have found mine to begin with as I had no upgrades purchased and all his troops outrank/match mine. Also I'd point out my riflemen struggled to kill 1 elven horsemen out of a 10 man unit and each riflemen had 1024 attack... er something I'm missing? This was at point blank range btw. Thanks and gg Ark!
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