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Old 10-01-2011, 02:27 PM
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Default poppulation/ res cap bug

last night after i struggle for 12 hours i manage to make 6 influence point and update my town hall to get more house. After i upgrade my house i expect my pop cap go from 90 to 100 or more however instead of going pass 90 my pop cap drop from 89/90 to 85/90.

i went to bed around 4am PSt and my pop cap was 89/90 with my hero in it and by the time i wake up which is 12 noon it become 91/90.

The second problem is with resources cap. I notice that only building house will increase the resources cap. However there are 2 upgrade in the town hall said the cap will be increase with some kind of storage house.

so i started to build more storage house and it doesn't increase the res cap but what bugged me is.

at 4am PST when i go to bed my res cap is 5400. By the time i wake up at noon it drop down to 4500??? any explanation?

in addition i have notice that when the new build troop is coming out of barrack if i change screen from home town to world map it will disappear immediately, and i have no idea are they going to affect the pop cap or not.

so could you check my city to see what is going on sir, i have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening to my account whatsoever.