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Old 10-01-2011, 11:14 AM
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bugged spawning (under swamp/water) + some idle workers from a group.
Some of my wardens sometimes stand idle too (rarly, I can live with that) but.. they sometimes dissapear or are reported as idle, even if i task them. since i couldnt have located them.. I came to conclusion.. they spawn sometimes underwater, and then after some town refresh (go to map, maybe relog) they disapear ( i gues as corupted), I've just had a same issue with mounted rangers, I've trained them and couldnt find them, but icon said they are there.. then after going to map and back (2 times? tried to move them to army) they just disapeared.. had to train a second unit.. I gues its same since beta (I've played then with... dragon and it was able to land underwater.. but he could fly so I've just ordered him to fly somewhere else, thot it was fixed.

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