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Old 10-01-2011, 05:26 AM
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Default [Bug] Palisade error, error.

my village in Flatton rol (orc) i've produced my palisade walls ( not completely done) but most of the time the computer wont make any new walls unless i relogg. an whenever i relogg it makes Palisade walls inside my gates ( i got likse 6 of em, as some are placed outside of the wall for some reason?) which is then finished (but dosnt appear as the gate is already there) which costs me 45 wood *6 each time i relogg to get a bit of my wall fixed. (has costed me tons of wood).
before it priortise a new piece of my wall. which i need to relogg to get working <.<

Nonetheless it appears for some reason the game dosnt reconize the palsiades gates as part of the palisades and tries to fill the gates constantly.

Edit: this bug is rather serious infact. i've lost persay over 1000 wood so far probably.

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