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Old 09-30-2011, 10:03 PM
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Default quest/building bug

Hope this is not a double or triple post about this qust, i did look around the Tech and bug area but didnt see it, so here:

Quest- time to expand, milord? (under the "quest tab" after accepting the quest its called, Village Economy, so not sure which one is quest name).
(giving as much info as possble)

Quest info:
Ok, so after i accept that quest, said above, i dont do anything but then the quest tab flashes and boom quest complete and i was able to get the reward for doing the quest (i did not do the quest though).
so i was supposed to build a Barn or a Mill but like i said i didnt do either and i completed the quest.

The first quest for the humans (Time to Expand) i have to build one house, but i went and built 2 houses. Now the reason i think that might be the cause is b/c i started a new human city in the alpine area and i did the quest "Time to Expand" but built one house and then went and got the quest "Village Economy" this time around the quest is not auto finishing for me.

Effects in Game:
Like i said i was able to get the quest reward and i have a +9.4 food gain, even though i have no mill or barn and no workers are gathering food of any kind(i know im a tyrant).
One other bug i might have come across, this one simple to explain, is i can't build a Mill on the building plot. Everytime i click the building plot nothing happens, it just highlights itslef and thats it, no "build Mill" icon or anything. The other building plots are still good to go though, i can still build a blacksmith or barn if i want to.
So any build spot that was for a "Mill only" is unusable at this time (just checked went from game to here).
On a happy note, loving the game and keep up the great work guys and girls at Reverie.
need anymore info just ask and ill do my best to help you guys out.