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Old 04-27-2008, 11:36 AM
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If cavalry engage eachother, will they ride through eachothers ranks, stabbing and slashing at eachother or will they simply stop, turn around, and poke eachother?

And, if faced with pikemen, will the cavalry leap into combat? It was a medieval suicide tactic that was extremely feasible when presented with a row of spears. The theory was that the mass of the horse and rider all armored would crush the spears and those it landed upon.

It worked.. well.

Which brings me to another question, are you restricted to just a plain mount or can you put a bridle and armor plates on it to give you an armored war-wolf?

I cant get the image of a contingent of elven archers on armored unicorns firing volley after volley into the mass of an oncoming army.
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