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Old 09-30-2011, 03:20 PM
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Quest: Cleaning house (Humans)
Alpine region.

Talked with Sir Lenthot and recieved units, game crashes short after (i was gathering new and existing units to face orcs). When i back in, the quest is still on, orcs at their place but the alberdiers and archers units recieved from Sir Lenthot are gone.
All i remember is that my archers was guarding a stone mine, close to the orcs spawn, and some light fights are going on involving some orc infantry, my archers and some paesant at work in the mine.

Can u help somehow?

Updated 1:
I managed to kill orcs anyway.
But it would be better if the crash does not steal my units.

Updated 2:
The nice thing after all is how the game sandbox help me to solve the matter. I waited to fight the paesant revolt, gather some money through market, and went to close city to buy mercs.
So if a quest bug deny my reinforcements, i can always get them by myself and crush the paesants anyway.

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