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Old 09-30-2011, 01:13 PM
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Default really

seriously? so i am basiclly useless now? the market isn't open. Which mean i can't use my pre order code, i can't buy IP by money either. Plus my army is gone, and the compensation is in NEAR FUTURE. So basically you are saying that it is my lost and it was just my bad luck to hit the bug? Plus this bug isn't small and how long + how many time has this game been tested?

Here is my opinion. It doesn't matter what the compensation is, the time i lost is gone for good and you can't compensate time sir.

What i want now is my army so i can go on with my questing during weekend, and since the supporter isn't going to give my army back. i think it good be nice if the market is temporary open for my account so i can charge in to buy back my army.