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Old 09-30-2011, 10:09 AM
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This is a bit of a weird series of quest related bugs with the Elves of Taltos. Bear with me please. :P
I had made my first elven alpine settlement and played for an hour or two. Eventually I wanted to start building some walls but was confused as to what the difference was between the two types of wooden fortifications (walls & wines) since both cost the same and if their price (or some of it at least) would be refunded once I switched to stone walls (which also have two versions of unknown difference, citadel & haven iirc).

In the end I sort of just clicked to build the wooden walls hoping to get some insight into how it works, looks, what it costs (how large is a "segment") but then I realized just how big of an investment it was and that I had probably wasted both wood and influence early in the game. Unfortunately, unlike with other buildings, wall construction couldn't be cancelled (intended?) so I decided to delete this settlement and start over since I was still very early in the game.

***The important part***
I started a new elven alpine town like before but this time some of the quests would become resolved before I actually completed them. For example I finished the "build elven shrine" quest before I even started building the thing, the same happened with the "breed 5 deer" quest. Finally, after the first human attack, fire arrows suddenly became unlocked for my rangers even though I was nowhere near researching it (didn't even have the required building).

Since then I haven't been able to log back in (reported in another thread) to see what's happened (if I still have fire arrows) but it's as if my account remembered that I had completed some of the quests on the previous playthrough and then auto-completed them the second time around (only the ones mentioned). This doesn't explain the fire arrows though.
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