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Old 09-30-2011, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by gabastrophe View Post
i have the same bug. i'm from switzerland. there exists a German forum?
i have a 6-5-5-5-4 cd-kay too on the backside of my manual. copy and pasty dont work. it is only fill the first grid with the first 5 letters and numbers. i tried to tip it manual and change some letters and its still dont working. after a time i become a raport that the time period for this cd-kay is over.

i hope you can read it. but English is not my language, and google translator is not the best.
Ur english is pretty good, i got a phone call with the vendor, so he ask me to make a picture of error and send to him, i done it , so he forward to Halifax ( responsable for the code and other issue) i have been registered on Halifax web site and tryed to open a ticket.... but so nice the have problem to get the ticket and off course the now about this problem, so in the end we got a game with:
no way to even enter and try to add the key code in game enviromental, and off course we have
6-5-5-5-4 digit code dosent fit in any way with 5-5-5-5-5 code game, so get in touch with the vendor again that tsent a e-mail with this forum as ... maybe solution of problem, i think i will not able to play till end of next week