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Originally Posted by andreicde View Post
It does,but you can only att players the same strength as you. Which means money CAN make you strong quite fast,but you'l only fight players who have the same strength,which will be other people paying. On the other side, people who don't pay and learn the game slowly will dominate later because they will have more experience. Don't forget this game is not about having the best units,but how you use your units. Like the dragons seems very powerful and THEY ARE, but they are scaled so that you can't become super powerful or impossible to kill. You'l see what I mean after the game starts.
A lot of assumptions there. Can people with experience dominate coin players in Evony? (compare number of accounts in Evony and Dawn of Fantasy). Top guilds in Evony are always made up of regular subscribers to virtual shops (most won't even admit you if you don't regularly spend money and you can be schooled in The Art of War in Mandarin and as good a strategist as Genghis Khan). That's why 1000 keys was given away here, because 1000 keys = 20000 GBP (what does 20000 amount to if you're running a games company?). Meanwhile if you make people believe they got something for free and make them pay back through the virtual store you'll get way more than 20000 GBP and for a longer term (+ you establish your own credibility for being generous which in fact isn't true).

It's called marketing.

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