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Originally Posted by LordSlayer View Post
Some europeans dragons only had 1 weak point, and every other part of them was impenetrable. Let's hope they don't make them that hard...
Actually, european dragons have a few weak points:

Soft bottom skin (underbelly, underneath tail, etc.)
Behind earlobes (it's soft, and you can break the spine easily with a slash or stab).
Inner oral organ (I think it means mouth, but I'm not 100% sure)
Wing membrane (Dragons can not feel it, but they can be cut easily.

This was from the first book (well, it doesn't look like a book when you hold it) about dragons, published by a noble in the 13th century who served the same king that defined them.

Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
Yep. That's the one, seeing as I'm European (*cough*still hates EU*cough*) I take that as the norm.
That's what most people is the west call a regular dragon, but I call it a european dragon because I like to point out which dragon I'm talking about, many people get confused if I'm talking about some other kind of dragon.

If anyone wants a list of the most popular dragons, here are a list of them:

Chinese (A.K.A. The asian lung or regular lung
Wyverns (European dragons with only 2 feet)
Hydras (yes, it IS a dragon)
Amphipteres (A.K.A. Egypt dragon)
Draco (famous dragon)
The Naga (famous dragon)

Here are some that should NOT be confused with a dragon:

Leviathan (it's a water serpent from the bible, not in the dragon category)
Worms (yes, it's hard to believe but some people think that a worm is a type of dragon)
Komodo Dragon (just because it has dragon in the name, doesn't mean it is a dragon)

That's to clear alot of things up so that we won't get future spam about dragons, and that is not ALL the dragons in the world, just a bunch of famous types...

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