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Old 09-28-2011, 09:52 PM
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Default Worker Issues - Peasant, Labourer, Maraurder,Dwarf Miner, Female/Male Warden glitches

Joseph Visscher:

Report Worker class related issues here, Issues Excluded from this thread (do not post the following issues as they are not related to the workers)

Make sure to include:

-If you had an in-game error and all of the workers suddenly stop doing something then upload your log.txt within the main game folder OR find the error you saw near the bottom of the log.txt and post it in a post.

-Details on what you where exactly doing and what all of your workers where doing and tasked to at the time of the issue, including but not limiting to workers in combat, doing special abilities like putting wildfires out, looting bodies, building or repairing buildings (Labourers), or just normal economical resource gathering tasks such as chopping down trees for Wood.

-Details on when or if you manually tasked the worker to a resource or used the resource tasking buttons for resource gathering related issues?

-Is the issue continuing to happen after restarting the game and reloading your homeland in which your workers remain bugged? If so try to recreate it again with a new homeland and post the exact details of it if it is an issue relating to logging off, loading other maps or quests which interrupts workers.

-If you can detail on how to recreate the glitch every time on a new homeland and it is successfully fixed/recreated, you will receive reputation.

For an added bonus, if your bug report leads to me finding any major worker bugs, there will be a reward in your forum reputation.

I will be periodically updating the workers and as I do that I will also be cleaning this thread of fixed bugs, don't feel bad if your old fixed bug post is deleted.
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