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Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
Hey nestharus, sorry for the late reply.

(Re: attack objects)
When a melee unit attacks you cannot retrieve an attack object. For a melee unit all you have pertaining to attacks is an onattack event, an onstrike event for each weapon, and the before and after attack events. Also you have OnWound and OnDefend and OnStruck events for the defender.

For units that do have projectiles though, you have events for the projectile's launch and strike (you can determine whether it struck its target or missed in the struck event). You can manipulate it outside of these events too if you wish. Projectiles do have custom properties, and you can add as many as you want.

(Re: possibilities)
Your possibility #1 is definitely possible if you retrieve the projectile object
I haven't really looked into a velocity/acceleration system, but it seems like it would be pretty lightweight in lua. But not sure on this one.

To get the rendered view, make sure you create a new map (top left corner button). If you did, I'm not sure what is wrong
I was getting errors when trying to activate editor. It most likely has to do with other bugs (stuck on 1.73B update). Nevermind, thanks for good intentions another time maybe. I suggest you make the editor free of charge available to everyone (with trial version of the game) because there's a lot people who might contribute industry-standard content and are unwilling to pay for the game (service on behalf of modders would simply out-charge the cost of the game itself (unless you employ somebody who'll do the work free of charge; kudos then).

If anyone wanted the game for the sake of assets or code included in it (through the use of ripping soft or just plain unpackers) - it wouldn't be a problem to a person who modded other games or who's a CGI techie himself/herself (for whatever reason in this case) therefore I don't see a reason why editor shouldn't be available with a trial version of the game for free. Nwn1 modding community had a lot to offer for instance and certain percentage of player created content was better than what Bioware employees had to offer. Don't take my word for it and investigate.

Take care, cheers.

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