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Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
Yes, it's been a listed feature for a long time and has been "re-mentioned" in the latest Fantasy Friday here:

See under "Will there be additional subscription fees?".
Thanks for prompt reply. It's obvious people involved aren't doing this for free, I just hope "the shop" won't have negative influence on the game-play as if often the case. Guild Wars shop is smartly designed and offers equal chances of gaining special skills via PvP as well money and money never gets in the way of balanced game-play. A lot of games are claiming you can equally progress either through shop or game-play but it's nonsense and deception in order to drain you out of money (LOTRO is at the forefront of good marketing, good marketing that sustained the development but ruined game-play and obliterated player-base). NCsoft doesn't have millions of accounts by mistake and It doesn't take an economist to see pros and cons of different subscription plans. I trust with these kinds of choices to developers but no-one here is forced to play a game they don't take to their liking. Point of view is dependent on the side you're on: player vs designer but I think it's best if designers see through player's eyes first and foremost for their own sake.

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