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Originally Posted by Ohnotord View Post
This feature would be purely for appearance and is obviously not neccessary.

I think it would be neat if troops could be toggled to a "mingling" setting where they simply wander around the city, perhaps looking busy, and essentially just make the city look more alive rather than having them all just stand in one place doing nothing.

However, when the time comes that the troops need to be gathered, no one wants to go around looking through the city for all the scattered troops. So, I suggest that there be a player designated rally area so that when a player selects the "Rally Troops" option, or whatever it would be called, all the troops would gather at the rally area for easy selection.
I must say I really like your idea but I don't think it is wise to implement a costly in terms of processing power feature purely for the reasons of aesthetics (every unit or every other unit would need to have an independent or semi-independent AI; now imagine the amount of extra calculations performed by your computer if you had a town swarmed with armies).

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