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Old 09-24-2011, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Magicus View Post
Reposting from Beta Suggestions:

Here's an idea. Instead of taking over PC cities why not enslave them and levy their economies?
That could be time-based (or at any point the conquered would have the ability to refuse suffering a penalty).

On the guild rooster the conquered would appear as: annexed territories for instance.

This way players would have ability to rebuild their cities and fight the agressor from within, to wait out so they can strike again or permanently join the guild that conquered them if race requirements are met.

Possibilities are innumerable. Perhaps even the conquered could work on the battlefield much like mercenaries for the ones that destroyed them?
and how do you fight the invader if he's a big money player who uses influence constantly to upgrade and on the top of that a strategy master too?that's the number 1 question to balance it. As long as players can be hit without their consent it's a bad idea. A good idea is to make a place where players can fight for something.Like guilds being able to do castles that give bonuses and upgrade to enhance experience even farther or building special strongholds in pvp places
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