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Old 09-24-2011, 10:16 AM
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Andy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really niceAndy Joslin is just really nice

1. I don't think there will be a way to save persistent data in a custom scenario (in a mod, yes). Could possibly change, but it's doubtful.

2. I don't know about map protection.

3. We do have many improvements planned for the scirpting editor, including at least auto-complete. Right now it is in the same state it was when it was first created.

4. The editor does support more than one map per map. However, each player has to be on the same map at the same time. But, you could still create seperate 'maps' within one map using different ViewTargetBounds for each player (restricts where player can scroll/what is shown on minimap). So when player 1 enters a house just set player's 1's ViewTargetBounds to (houseTopCornerX, houseTopCornerY, houseBottomCornerX, houseBottomCornerY)

5. Unit descriptions: Yes.
Unit models: For now limited yes, but hopefully we will have full unit editing available within the editor later (For mods a full yes, but for scenarios only quite limited at the moment)
Morphing: No. But you can easily clone the stats you want then change the pointer where necessary, if you build a robust enough system. Lua is a good language
Eg if you wanted morphing with abilities, you could just add a SwitchOwner function to the ability script.

Morphing is really not that hard if you just build all your systems with it in mind.

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