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Well, one big thing in wc3 dev is save/load. Blizzard addressed this in Starcraft 2 by adding banks. How do you plan to support persistent data? I believe that the best way to support this would be through an online database. While Blizzard's design of banks might have seemed smart in Starcraft 2, it keeps data local to a given computer, meaning that a person can't load up their data on another machine (for example, a laptop while traveling).

Furthermore, do you have any map protecting procedures planned? If the maps are plainly open, then anyone can steal anyone else's map. Another issue would be cheating. Furthermore, if you had games that supported persistent data like an ORPG, then cheating would be quite an issue. In warcraft 3, there are many ORPG maps that are modified so that players can get cheated characters.

Otherwise it is sounding like this game is showing a lot of promise for modders looking to move on from Warcraft 3 =). All of Starcraft 2's weird gimmicks made a lot of modders not move on from Warcraft 3. I'm sure that if you really make the modding portion of the game something to behold, you'll be able to capture the majority of modders that are on Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3.

Also, the scripting editor is rather lacking. One good start would be to add a complete list of functions/objects to it. As someone types, the function/object comes up. This is something that was done in JassNewGen Pack for Warcraft 3. This feature can be expanded to include functions/objects coded by a user, not just those that are part of the Lua distribution. It is rather daunting to require someone to memorize an entire API, no? Sure, if you coded long enough in it, you would have the whole thing memorized eventually, but that could take years.

Also, is it possible to have multiple players in the same game on different maps? I noticed that you could add new scenarios or maps or whatever they are called to your project, meaning that one project could contain multiple maps in it. Using this feature, it is possible to create maps for cities, maps for houses, or w/e else. If it was possible for two players to be in the same game and chat to each other and what not while being on different maps, this would mean that indoor areas and dungeon areas would be very conceivable. Furthermore, if it was possibly to actually load up different instances of a map for different players, then that would be even more fantastic as it would offer a way to reuse the same maps for different situations (for example, a player's house or a ship). Really, I think just the idea of instancing maps and sending the players to those instances is much better than just loading up a map for a player =). It allows a lot more things and no current RTS or MMORTS supports this.

Also, will it be possible to change things like unit descriptions (specific to a player) and unit stats in-game? Will it be possible to change a unit's model in-game? One thing that comes up a bit in Warcraft 3 is the idea of morphing or evolving. A lot of the time, this involves just changing the unit model. At other times, this requires "morphing" the unit. Is it possible to "morph" a unit, meaning that a unit is replaced by another unit while retaining its current pointer? Simply replacing a unit with another unit could potentially lose a lot of information (for example, a custom ability may be on that unit; when the unit is simple replaced, the ability is lost). Also, if things are referencing that unit's pointer (yes, I know pointers are in the background in Lua, but referencing a unit still references that pointer since it's a table) and a unit is replaced, then all things referencing that unit will break. Supporting a way to replace a unit with another unit without replacing the actual table would be extremely helpful. This replacement could involve just replacing all of the current unit information with the new unit's information (for example, life). Of course, you would have to be careful of modifications (like upgrades). Yea, morphing is just a pain, but there are plenty of people that like to use it. Warcraft 3 does support this, albeit annoyingly ; P. In it, a user has to use either a special Chaos ability or a special transformation ability, the latter taking advantage of a Warcraft 3 bug

Thank you for moving this thread also.

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