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Old 09-23-2011, 11:41 AM
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Ah moving this post to the scenario design forum

To start things of DoF feaures a powerful scenario editor - where you can code any sort of scripting in Lua. Shortly after release we are also adding a "module" modding capability - for these wishing to take things further and perhaps create a brand new game using DoF engine.

1. Is there an API available anywhere for the Lua? I'm talking about stuff like the player objects and what not.
Yes, we will need to release some documentation for advances stuff like unit coding, changing gameplay mechanics e.t.c

2. It seems a little unclear as to the multiplayer capabilities of the modding. Would it, for example, be possible to do things like current warcraft 3 maps? Furthermore, in multiplayer custom maps, is it possible to move from one map to another (load up maps) while keeping the games sync'd?
This is possible without any modding just by using scenario editor. However - it would take us few more weeks before we add multiplayer support for fan made scenarios.

Is it possible to have local player data, similar to the GetLocalPlayer function in wc3?

What I saw was that games were up to 8 players. I'm mostly interested in making some ORPGs for Dawn of Fantasy =).

Is the Lua IO library open or is it locked down? Some maps may become dangerous with the IO library open, so this is why I ask this question.
All the default game files are locked up. But if you are creating a new "module" for the game - you`ll be able to unlock all the files.

Is there a way to interact with online databases like MySQL? I ask this because there is stuff for MySQL for Lua.

Is the Lua stuff that is packed with the game just the standard distribution?
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