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Default Fantasy Friday - New Elven Homelands

Fantasy Friday
The New Homelands of Nhob'ru

Another Friday, another showcase! This time, we are showing off the Elven homelands! They are still a work in progress, but beta testers will be able to try them out as soon as the Online Kingdom mode is back online after a period of concentration on the Kingdom Wars mode. The screenshots below show the wall designs of the homelands, but individual player homelands will be much more impressive and unique with more towers built on available plots, more wall defenses, and units to defend from atop the walls.

Check them out, and let us know which one you plan to try out first! Also, if you missed it, be sure to check out the human homelands!


Talltos is a rugged mountainous region in southeast Nhobíru, overlooking the orcish frontier. The rigorous life in these alpine lands has been very suitable to the high elves who dwell here. Perhaps there is a correlation between the heights of the mountain peaks and the intellectual levels which the elves have reached. It is widely believed that the high elves of Talltos look down on all other beings in more ways than one. Here in Talltos is the high elf city of Gelmeerim, home to the largest library in the world. Sadly, access to this library is very exclusive.

The Talltos homelands are smaller than there Bolfores'l and Erthee L'Bala neighbors, but their compact design makes them easier to defend and cheaper to construct. The homelands make use of the natural alpine defenses, forcing enemy armies into two narrow marble bridges, from which Elven Grand Masters can easily fight off a force while the renown Elven archers fire arrows from above.


The elven race originated in Bolforesíl. Blossoming from here, they developed both the high arts of civilization and the deep skills of nature lore. In time, elves of each type formed separate communities. So it was that they developed into two distinct groups: the wood elves, who are most gifted in nature lore and earth magic, and the high elves who are masters of alchemy, city building, and traditional warfare. Both groups still live together in the capital city of Illas Tiltos, where elf culture its at its richest, and the air hums with the dancing energies of nature and intellect.

The Bolfores'l homelands are vast and spread out. Ideal for players with enough stationary Rangers to defend the walls, as they will be able to command the whole boleta with one of the greatest regional strongholds. But if players aren't careful, enemy armies can scale the wall behind the rear hills catching defenders off-guard while they scramble to defend.


As wood elves and high elves evolved and became separate peoples, wood elves began to realize a need for a different way of life, uncluttered by high elf thoughts and doings. In the great migration of the Older Time, the vast majority of wood elves journeyed south from Bolfores'l to the swamps of Erthee l'Bala, which presented an ideal haven. Here in this unwanted land, they were free to pursue the deepening of nature lore and nature magic. Here they were content, and so they built the major city of Illas Tortra.

More modest than the Bolfores'l homeland, Erthee L'Bala homelands are built on marshy islands, interconnected with skybridges. The rivers divide enemy forces, allowing defenders to concentrate their Rangers in fewer locations, but the homeland has more gates to defend than its neighbors, making it vulnerable to Treants and Siege Rams.

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