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Originally Posted by Henry Martin View Post
Yes, hero customization will be ingame sometime after launch. To comment on crazybob, hero customization doesn't make this a true "MMO". That is just another element that we expect from MMOs. MMOs are made up of pieces, not one thing. Also this is an MMO"RTS", not an MMO"RPG", so you hero is not your avatar, your "Town" is your avatar. You control a castle not one unit. I would like to see more customizing of the towns than the avatar. You barely see him and to me hes meaningless. Having a town that looks seperate from another players town makes more sense in a MMORTS. Would also be a lot more fun since other players can visit your town. To me it feels like a lot of MMORPG players are requesting this feature.

Yes dof is like on the mmo features and we have stated that will be adding more as fast as we can.

This is just my opinion.
I believe it depends how you see it as well. For example when I started playing with the elves I managed to get a hero to lvl 14 quite fast at the beginning and I was basically able to kill tons of enemy units one after another as long as they didn't followed me back since I had to regenerate my stamina. So for me hero is actually just as important as the town. Ofc if it can be customized even further,I'm def for that.Like making him a range instead and adding better armor and so on. although I'm more concerned about something else which raises 2 questions: Will we ever have to pay to have access to the best weapons that we can craft and will we ever have a pay to play system?Because I hate when producers of the game start saying :'' We are only adding tiny conveniences,not advantages'' and then suddenly you find yourself with regular weapons that have say 200 damage for the best ones and the buyable one is at 350. I don't know how devs find this a tiny ''convenience''.
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