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customization of the hero talk about it below:
Post Updated on 11th of August.

To add to the above - some features will not make it to the original release, but our team is committed to adding a lot more free content and features right after the release - same way we are committed to getting any remaining bugs fixed in weekly patches after the game is released. This game is in good hands - and if we run out of time and don`t get the game the way you and us want it to be - it won`t take us long - we estimate a month at most - to get it into a top-notch shape after release.

Some features to be added shortly after release:
-Setting any shape battalion formations by drag and selecting, both for individual battalions and armies
-Battalion AI smart enough to properly garrison walls with 1 click
-Full Guild implementation and support
-Player Achievements window
-Expansions to player town design and stronghold designs
-New buildings, unit and abilities
-Visiting other player towns
-Full hero customization with weapons, armor, and mounts
and much much more.

In addition we have confirmed our first two DLC packs
-October - Wizard of the Orders - will introduce a complex magic system to the game as well as controllable wizard heroes, as well as add a new quest storyline
-December - High Seas - naval combat expansion, adds naval combat for PvE and PvP, also adds ability to start a new town near the ocean. In addition this DLC comes complete with a new quest storyline
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