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Old 07-24-2007, 12:29 PM
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I think alot of strategies come from your imagination and come and go depending on the situation.
The problem is, unless there's significant player interaction, the number of situations you encounter in a frequent basis is so small that the "best" strategy is usually well known. Unless a game can create a variety of unexpected situations, creativity won't become an asset.

For the record - this is Skirmish Online mode we are talking about here, not MMORTS.
That kind of went without saying; we don't know enough about the mechanics of MMORTS yet to comment on such things. Whether a rush even makes sense in that setting is still up in the air.

Now rushing, really cuts all of this as well as 80% of other content.
I actually disagree; I believe that more content is cut by the lack of a rush then by the application of it. The key, of course, is that except in the worst case scenario that a rush does not impede a player's development to those late game armies. The important part of a rush is to prevent a "typical" mid-game and late-game scenario from emerging. If the game's progression can be reduced to a few typical formats, players will simply apply "cookie cutter" strategies, and these often restrict the game's content far more harshly than any rushing could.

Why would developed bother adding all that content in, things like magic, heroes e.t.c. If most players would only build 2-3 buildings instead of a stronghold, use 20 units of one type, instead of army of 1000 mixed from 12 units types.
This is the classic misconception of the rush; it should be viewed a stepping stone - rather than an alternative - to the late game material. There should be significant material in both an early game and late game context to provoke player interaction in interesting and unpredictable ways.

But don`t get me wrong - we are pushing for immediate combat action the second the game starts. Player would have good number of combat units pre-placed, allowing him to start fighting over resources or chock-points right away, or go around and creep hunting. And with-in 3 minutes player can build up to level 1 stronghold and start continuously pumping up his units.
Sounds good, although my experiences with creeps from warcraft III is that they are distractions that hurt the game more than they helped it.