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Old 05-08-2007, 12:21 PM
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Hating to compare this to other games...
I don`t think there is anything wrong with comparing interface of one game to another, especially once it comes to Xbox porting. And I am not surprised that it will be EA games like CnC3.

In February I had a chat with Mark Skaggs, who was exec producer on all CnC titles and BftME, about research which EA put into their Xbox RTS interface, and to be honest with the 6 digit budget, and over a year of research these guys put into it - it’s as good as it gets.

Dawn of Fantasy is already playable on Xbox360 controller, and our interface is only slightly different from the one in BftME2 port. However, one might complain that micro aspects of that interface fall behind Mouse and Keyboard freedom. But unfortunately - no matter what you try – there is only that much you can do with Xbox360 controller.

Not to say that we want to settle for mediocrity here. In our opinion if there is no way to push limits set by Xbox360 controller, developer has only one option - adjust gameplay. And this is what we are going for. You`ll be the judge in the end if our approach worked or not.

I`ll give away one hint - if you guys played Battle for Middle Earth 1 on PC, and Battle for Middle Earth 2 on Xbox360 - think about this, how much smoother would base building controls be if BftME1 base-building remained the same in the BftME 2 on Xbox360.

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