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Originally Posted by Grizzlez View Post
Read this post

You build your empire on the world map taking over NPC towns, building up your armies and completing quests. Then you can choose PVP where you try to attack your enemies stronghold or defend your own where you can win resources from your opponent and destroy their stronghold leaving them to have to rebuild. PVP hasn't been enabled yet so you won't find it in the beta.

This game has been in development for a number of years and in that time many suggestions have been posted and the Devs have taken these into consideration. At this stage of development the Devs have already constructed the game in a certain way based on what they feel the community wants and they would be unable to continually change aspects of the game each time a new suggestion is posted. They must take into account not only what people want to see but also what will make the game work best. Don't forget this is a company developing a product so they must also consider what is best for the company because otherwise they wouldn't have received the funding to develop the game or a publisher so we can eventually purchase it. I'm sure in the next few weeks there will be a lot more changes and I also expect some content to not even make it into beta but when the retail version is released we will likely see new things added.
Actually you can only loot an NPC town... not that anyone really cares about that as many other games do it much better. I've played the game for a few weeks now so I'm aware of the current game mechanics and the future ones.

It's clear the devs have decided (based on their posts) to blatantly say "No, we don't want to do this with our game" to the many many many people who want some form of online conquest or even ability to play against specific players. That's the entire point of a true MMORTS.

I know low-end graphic rehashes with less units that total war and worse siege mechanics than total war and worse conquest mechanics than total war isn't really going to sell well. What does this game have that Medieval II: Total War doesn't? Look at the majority of feedback about DoF, it's pretty obvious.

Persistent non-customizable (for the vast majority) castles with a small online matchmaking interface is not an MMORTS and Reverie is blatantly falsely advertising to justify micro-transactions because their publisher is probably forcing them in some passive aggressive form to do so.
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