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Old 07-08-2011, 11:11 PM
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Henry Martin is someone to look uptoHenry Martin is someone to look upto

Well I cant really say much about how it got to those. Other then most people one the forum treat Reverie as if they are a seasoned company that has the cash, time, and man power to do what they want when they want. And that they have been just sluffing off this how time doing nothing.

This company is small, and has went through a lot more than you will ever know with a team of nonprofessionals doing their best as making a game that I personally am surprised at the **** they went through and what they have now (more so now that I am a dev and have seen more). I joined the team late in development so I haven't had any input in the development.

Like GPS51 said, there has been a lot of these post about people knowing whats best for the game. Hell all games get these post that a handful of gamers dont like what they seen. Not everyone is going to like what someone is making. Sometimes companies just have to push through this and make what their product is and not what others try to mold it into.

I do understand your concern about this game and these developers have thought about what you are thinking, even though you question "What are they thinking? They should be doing this! This has been in development forever. They should have made something amazing by now. They dont know what they are doing!".

There is a lot of content that will be released after launch that will increase the the fun that you saying (like being able to take over stuff). The devs have said that a lot of what people are say will make it in game. Seeing as you are a new forumer you havent seen a lot of the suggestion that where put into the game that people wanted. Like a few of the units/defences are fan ideas. The new world map is a fan suggestion. The GUI (while a little broke and many complain about) is WAY different than it was when the beta started. As well as other things.

This game has taken in more input from the community than most of you new member give Reverie credit for. I've been here since like a year before the beta started (and now I wasnt a dev back than). This game has evolved a lot since the first better. Personall I love the where the game is headed and I hope they get enough support from the community to keep it going to end up as the amazing game its trying to be.

Just a bunch of thoughts running through my head.
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