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Default What usually happens when I try to get someone to play Dawn of Fantasy

I start showing them a few gameplay trailers, talk about the game mechanics, and usually the first thing they ask about is can they conquer other players and build and online empire.

I always tell them no and they instantly lose all interest and call it a glorified stronghold clone.

I can describe Dawn of Fantasy as one of those games where the wishes of the vast majority of the gaming community wants exactly the opposite of what the developers want. Reverie, you can ask them yourselves.

Commercially you have decided to dig your own grave and personally I don't care but I'm just saying that reverie could stand to make a lot of people happy and make a TON of money if they make some sort of way for players to conquer each other even if it's in smaller servers and it's limited to a period of a few weeks or months per game.

The biggest question I think most players ask when they play DoF for a little is "What does this game have to offer me other than a persistent castle gimmick on top of a fairly generic RTS with online multiplayer?"

I think the answer is.... well... not much.

I mean... we don't even get to customize our castles. The game tells us where to build! That's less freedom than most RTSes!

I see very little logistical issues with making a simplistic map with conquerable territories. You don't have to use your existing world map. You can make a network diagram with all the players in the game simulated by icons on a gigantic persistent simplistic map.

Eve's Star map for example:

I often wonder, do you guys just feel burnt out and want to release the game, some flavor content here and there like new units, call it an MMORTS when it's a Persistent Online RTS and then charge microtransactions all day?

You can dress up a pig in makeup all you want but at the end of the day it's still a pig.

Sorry if this post comes off as a bit abrasive, I'm trying to be real here, that's all. Tough love.
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