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Old 06-29-2011, 05:27 AM
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I played EVE and WOW, whilst they were completely different settings and structure there were common trends which in my opinion tend to take away from game play.
The first is that games in which a select and limited few members of the player base rush to end game because they want nothing more than to raid, suffer because those players miss a vast amount of story and work by the developers in beginning to mid game.
The second is that, unfortunately, no matter what safe guards developers construct there will always be a few players who prefer to find a way around the rules or to manipulate the game is such a way that causes grief to other players.
This is not eve or wow bashing as many other games have this problem and it certainly is not the developers fault as they try to resolve these issues.
The take home point I am trying to make is every game is made to be fun in some way and unfortunately there will always be something people don't like and a group of players who focus on scamming (bots, gold farming etc) or griefing others its what we as players make of it that counts.
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