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Originally Posted by darkheart View Post
September ?? i hope that alot of the bugs are worked out real soon or this will fop hard there are alot of aspects that havent even been tested yet
Most F2P games are un-floppable.

The initial cost of a game is a HUGE barrier for players. F2P is the new popular trend in the market for a reason, people want to try a game for free. A lot of people will spend a ton of money on cosmetics and other content. (More people bought items in APB at a $60 price point than a $40 price point for the same item) (Tons of people have bought cars you can already obtain in-game for $25)

If you remove the barrier of the initial game cost and then charge people for various features you can already unlock by playing the game, you can make a killing. Reverie can also make unique cosmetic unit packs or things of that nature and charge for them.

There is a ton of content you can monetize if you make the game free. Take a look at LoTRO for a great reference. At Mirkwood the game was on its deathbed, look at it now and it's the shining example of Free To Play MMOs with a ton of profit generated a great new expansion on the horizon. They sell content like quest packs regularly.
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