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Old 06-28-2011, 09:56 AM
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Default How much Sandbox is in this game ?

I'd be interested to hear from anyone in the game actually playing on how much sandbox the game is.

I've read alot about the building functionality and the "freedom" there is supposed in the game, yet i dont really got a feeling on how the game feels in terms of Sandbox.

Just to clear that up, a Sandbox game is:

- Terraria
- Dwarf Fortress
- Minecraft
- Wurm online

etc. etc.

Its not CoD and not Battlefield. No it isnt.

Is anyone with experience in one or more of these able to answer this question ? I think i'd be really focussing on the building part and i rather have it hard and difficult than just to gather ressources like 200 stone. Select building. Plong. Its there.

Anyone care to shed some light ?