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Old 07-24-2007, 01:43 AM
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That is very good to hear, I like that. That was one of the things I always loved about Medieval Total War 2, when units were parrying attacks, getting into cool sword animations and all of that, it was very cool.

This is sort of a suggestion that didn't really warrant it's own thread. I know ranks will be in this game, but to be honest I've never really seen ranks do much for a game besides "Well it does more damage and I'm going to be a little sad when this unit dies."

Try to think Band of Brothers, World War 2, Veteran units that have fought with each other sinse the start of the war (Or the start of the game) fight stronger next to each other but they also share a very good friendship. When you see one go down you feel almost heart broken. It would be interesting to see that veteran units had some sort of extra oomph, it's hard to place my finger on it, that made them feel more special. Not just extra attack and defense. Unfortunately it's hard to explain what I mean, something to make the level of attachment greater.

I would also like to hear units, such as scouts, say things. For example, your scout is perched on top of a mountain, he sees an army coming at him. Are you supposed to keep an eye on the mini map? Well you should be, but the scout should also sort of give you a heads up. It would be nifty (but not necessary) if the response was also based on how big the army is. "Small unit moving your way sire" or "By god(s), the enemy army marches upon us sire!" or something along those lines.

Also a bit of a concern on the topic of veteran units. Will you be able to restock a squad with fresh troops? Say your veteran group loses a couple troops, will you be able to fill that back up back at town?

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