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Thething about most RTS games these days is that it's not the player with the most skill that wins, it's the player that clicks the mouse the fastest
That's a misconception; as I've written in many articles, APM is meaningless if you're making bad decisions. Being able to click faster is an advantage, but at a certain point it's not a big deal, since the opposing player can still do everything they need to. Perhaps it won't be as quick as the other player, but in most cases a 1 or 2 second delay isn't significant anyways; lag will hurt you more than your own reaction time. Micromanagement is less about clicking quickly and more about thinking quickly. You need to be able to analyze what you need to do, figure out what orders you need to give in order to achieve that, and then give those orders in the most effective manner. The clicking is actually just a small portion of the whole process of micromanagement. This is why most people actually aren't very good at it; they believe their problem is that they aren't clicking fast enough, when the problem actually is that they're not making the right clicks. The advice I always give to people with micromanagement problems is to try clicking as slowly as possible, because the problem is they're hurrying to click so quickly that they aren't thinking about what they're doing, and that's their problem!

The biggest issue I find is actually memorization of strategies and counter-strategies. It's all about build orders and openers to reduce the game to an equation. The result is then that the game becomes a battle of "execution" of the strategy rather than the strategy itself. The most important thing from a game-design perspective is to get lots of player interaction early on, and that makes it very difficult to reduce the game to a formula.

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