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Old 04-21-2008, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Keep in mind the variety of unit types between races.
Sure - human civilization might have standard unit types (I`ll name good number of Human race units here and categorize them)
Infantry - Maceman, swordsman, thane, Halberdierman
Ranged - archer, crossbowman
Cavalry - things are a bit more complicated, as quite a few of unit units can be mounted + elite Knight units.
Siege - trebuchets, wall mounted siege weapons, siege ladders, siege ram, siege towers.
Livestock - a cow, sheep, pig, chicken.
Spellcaster units
Hero units

But if we take Orcs for example, we have a totally different unit class picture. For example - the infantry units also server as builders and miners. Ranged units are hunters and food gatherers. Huge Ogre units are also livestock which grow in size, and can be slaughtered for food just like a cow.

And then again we have units for Elves such as Tree of War (Trent) which is a siege unit, resources gathering unit, mobile building, mobile tank unit - can be mounted by allot of other units.
Sorry, I meant to say how will they fight, like I know there will be sieges, stealth attacks, and naval attacks... But will there be other types? Like if dragons use flying to their advantage, burning everything below them or something like that.