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Old 07-23-2007, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jap88 View Post
Can you define where experience goes or do they just get veterancy after x number of kills and that raises their values a set amount?
Pretty much like you said, XP goes into their accumulated total, once they achieve enough XP they gain a level, which will raise their values a set amount.


Warrior 1 xp 0 lvl 0
Warrior 1 kills an enemy worth 100 xp, gains lvl 1, attack +1, defense +1.

It would be too hard to process players choosing which stats increase and such, so levels will be predetermined for what bonuses they recieve. That way when we are determining a hit/miss/block/parry/ect. we can just put: lvl 8 Human Warrior vs lvl 5 Orc Warrior, and do a "roll" to see the outcome. Although because it is a "roll" values aren't always the same, very much how combat is determined in RPGs.