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Default Fantasy Friday - Technologies Part I

Fantasy Friday
Technologies Part I: Teria

Welcome back to another Fantasy Friday! We've shown you a lot over the last couple years, but many of you have commented on how we've revealed precious little on technologies and research. As such, we thought we'd present three showcases outlining the technologies available to each race, starting with those of the Men of Teria!

From your Home City, techs can be researched from your buildings and cost resources and Influence. Once purchased, these techs will upgrade instantly and benefit your army by unlocking new units and defenses or with increased efficiency - which can often benefit your army or economy much more than whipping out several new battalions - and at half the cost.

Keep in mind that, for the most part, the upgrades listed are categories which include several different individual techs, and some techs are still being implemented. Nevertheless, you can get a good sense of the scale of the game and micromanagement through these many upgrades!

Brief Overview of Technology Types

Town Hall:
  • Efficiency Upgrades allow your armies to travel the World Map faster and your homeland to store more resources.

  • Tactics Upgrades allow players to unlock new battalion formations and reduce military unit train time.
  • Veterancy Upgrades increase the hitpoints of units trained from the Barracks.

Archery Range:
  • Tactics Upgrades enable new abilities for your achers and crossbowmen, including flaming arrows and enfilade defenses.
  • Veterancy Upgrades increase the hitpoints of units trained from the Archery Range.

  • Tactics Upgrades allows players to research technology, such as Chivalry and Light Steel, required for training elite units.
  • Veterancy Upgrades increase the hitpoints of your Cavaliers and Knights.

  • Efficiency Upgrades improves the rate of gathering from livestock, the maximum resources of fattened livestock, and the fattening rate.

  • Tool Upgrades allows players to research tools and upgrades including the Bone Saw, Gold Smelting, and Stone refining to improve the efficiency of resource gathering.
  • Efficiency Upgrades increase the speed, harvesting rate, and carrying capacity of your peasants, and increase the growth rate of your wheat fields.

  • Research such as Crop Rotation and Irrigation improve the resource income and growth rate of your wheat fields, as well as the gather rate of your peasants.

  • Body Armor Upgrades allows players to upgradde unit armor to increase pierce, crush, and hack armor.
  • Weaponry Upgrades improve the strength of select weapons.
  • Engineering Upgrades enable Stone Walls, Gatehouses, and Towers, as well as allow players to boost their wall's hitpoints and reduce the costs of constructing army camps.
  • Efficiency Upgrades improve the speed of your horses and foot soldiers.

Siege Workshop:
  • Tactics Upgrades enables the construction of advanged siege weapons and defenses, and increases the strength, speed, and accuracy of your siege machinery.
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