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Well if 24 minutes = 1 day, then 2160 minutes should equal an entire season which would mean that 36 hours of real time should equal 3 months (if seasons are equal to earth seasons). Therefore 36 hours = winter, 36 hours = spring, 36 = summer, 36 = fall. Total of 144 hours in a year... or 6 days (we'll use 360 day years).

If you want to do it by days and not have a spring & fall, then just do 2 days for winter and 6 days for non-winter... or maybe 5.

Then again, it'd be cool if maybe the Alpine regions have longer winters, while then there are temperate areas/forest which have a normal year, then desert areas/plains which have extremely short winters. That would also make it interesting.

To add to it, when people were talking about skin color for humans. If you're from the alpine regions, your people should be white, if they're from plains region, maybe they could have darker skin, maybe in the forest regions, they could have more tanned skin. Would be a cool way to go about it.

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